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Happy Birthday - October 2022

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November 2022

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Course Leader : Francois van As

Please have a look at our year program for the schedule.

This applies to the beginners course and advanced techniques course.

Do you want to grow bonsai trees yourself? 

Stop hesitating and use this opportunity to get a taste of this fascinating hobby.

During the course we will teach you the basics of bonsai. 

You will go home with a bonsai that you have designed, pruned and wired yourself.

  • The course starts promptly at 9:00 until 15:00.
  • The cost is R400 pp (for children R200 pp) and includes a booklet, tee/coffee and a light lunch.
  • Please book your place in good time as there are only limited space available.
  • Contact Francois van As at fvanas01@gmail.com or 074 601 1847

You have to bring along:

  • A tree(s) that has not been worked on before.
  • A pruning scissors and a side cutter (to cut wire).

A few lengths of wire (aluminum or copper).